What is Air Pressure Switch?

An air pressure switch is a type of electrical switch that is used to control the operation of systems that use air pressure, such as air compressors, furnaces, and HVAC systems. This switch is designed to activate the system when a certain air pressure is reached or when the pressure drops below a specified level.

An air pressure switch typically consists of an electrical contact that is opened or closed by a diaphragm that is activated by changes in air pressure. When the pressure in the system reaches the desired level, the contacts of the switch close, which then activates the system. Conversely, when the pressure falls below the specified level, the contacts open and the system is turned off.

Air pressure switches are critical components of many industrial, commercial, and residential systems that rely on air pressure for operation. They help to ensure the safety and reliability of these systems by preventing over-pressurization or under-pressurization. Regular inspection and maintenance of air pressure switches is important to ensure that they are working correctly.

That’s good to know. The pressure range of the A62 air flow differential pressure switch is well-suited for applications such as gas boilers and water heaters, which often require precise pressure control to operate efficiently and safely. By providing a pressure range of 80pa to 300pa, the A62 switch is able to meet the requirements of these types of applications and ensure the smooth and reliable operation of the systems.

Air Flow Differential Pressure Switch Negative NO 80 300Pa 3

A62 Air Flow Differential Pressure Switch Negative NO 80 – 300Pa




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