Where to find WALL HUNG BOILER pressure relief valves

Speaking of wall-hung boilers, I believe we all know, wall-hung boilers provide people with hot water, installed in the bathroom can be used for bathing, installed in the kitchen can be used to wash dishes, washing dishes, very convenient, recently a friend asked the editor, wall-hung boiler pressure relief valve where? Today I am going to answer for you, want to understand the friends may wish to take a look at it with the editor!


First, the wall-hung boiler pressure relief valve where

Different brands of wall-hung boiler pressure relief valve location also varies, the general location of the wall-hung boiler pressure relief valve on the bottom of the boiler, people can see the bottom of the boiler there is a valve, it can be rotated, the valve can be opened to replenish water.


Second, how to maintain the wall-hung boiler out of service period

1, in a long time not to use the wall-hung boiler, you need to turn off the various valves and power supply, the power supply will be turned off after the need to unplug the power supply, to avoid damage to the wall-hung boiler in the time of thunder. As the wall-hung boiler in the case of long-term non-use, the internal motor and circulating pump is prone to stagnation of the phenomenon, so it is best to ensure that a certain period of time to open.

2, in use, the need for regular cleaning of the wall-hung boiler water and impurities, due to the current water quality is relatively hard, so some of the mineral content can easily lead to the accumulation of scale and stains in the water pipeline, cleaning of the wall-hung boiler is a very important part of the maintenance, if not cleaned, then, will directly affect the service life of the wall-hung boiler.

3, the appearance of the wall-hung boiler is also need to clean, general wall-hung boiler after a long time the surface will accumulate some dust or oil, so you need to use detergent or soapy water to clean, clean, because of the use of soft towels or brushes for cleaning. In order to avoid the accumulation of dust on the exterior of the wall-hung boiler, can be cleaned after the completion of the dust cover on the shell of the wall-hung boiler.

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