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Regal pressure switches

Pressure switches are designed to monitor and control pressurized fluid systems and operate by opening or closing the electrical contact(s) once the setpoint is reached. Any rise or fall in pressure produces an electrical feedback response to the system, allowing you to control pressurized fluids in water pumps, air compressors, medical devices, and other machinery or equipment.
Regal supplies the air pressure sensor switch, water pressure switch, water level sensor switch, flow sensor, and relief value products at good prices, 14-21 days fast delivery! ONE-STOP solution, and OEM & ODM service!

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Yes, and we not only have the customed type but also the standard type.

Sure, please contact us to get them.

Because our switches is not only more accurate than others but also used the high quality material in producing.

Beucase our independent R&D patents and automation device to achieve fast lead time and high-quality product.


Water pressure switches

Water pressure switches are crucial components in various water systems, playing a vital role in ensuring the proper functioning and protection of equipment. From residential

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