What are the main types of pressure switches? What are the precautions for the use of pressure switches?

When people in the purchase of pressure switches, some people will be more concerned about the main types of pressure switches, in order to understand the purchase of the right type of pressure switch. When the purchase of a good pressure switch, people will be concerned about the use of pressure switches, what are the precautions, in order to understand the safe and secure use of pressure switches. Since you are so concerned about the pressure switch information, then the next small editor will introduce the main types of pressure switches and the use of precautions.

What are the main types of pressure switches? What are the precautions for the use of pressure switches?

Pressure switch types are

1, explosion-proof: pressure switches can be divided into explosion-proof and explosion-proof use of the range of grades, KFT explosion-proof pressure switches and Exd II CT1 ~ T6, imported explosion-proof pressure switches need to be through the UL, CSA, as well as CE and other international certification. Can be used in explosive areas and strong corrosive atmosphere environment. Flameproof pressure switches can also provide different pressure and differential pressure, vacuum and temperature range of products. Commonly used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, boilers, food machinery and environmental protection equipment and other industries.

2、Mechanical type: Mechanical pressure switches are purely mechanical deformation leading to micro-switch action. When the pressure increases, the role of different sensing pressure components (diaphragm, bellows, piston) two deformation, will move upward, through the bar spring and other structural machinery, and ultimately start the upper end of the microswitch, so that the electrical signal output.UE pressure switch setting from the principle of functionality can be divided into a continuous displacement type and the balance of force type.

3、Electronic type: Nowadays, the more popular in these years is the electronic pressure switch, which is used to replace the electric contact pressure gauge and used in the industrial control and control of the higher requirements of the system. This pressure switch built-in precision pressure sensors, through high-precision instrumentation amplifier to amplify the pressure signal, through the high-speed MCU to collect and process data, are generally used in the 4-bit LED real-time digital pressure display, relay signal output, upper and lower control points can be freely set, hysteresis, anti-vibration, fast response and stable and reliable, high precision (accuracy of the general in the ± 0.5 per cent F.S, as high as ± 0.2 per cent F.S). 0.2%F.S), the use of differential settings can effectively protect the pressure fluctuations brought about by repeated actions to protect the control equipment, is the detection of pressure, level signals, pressure, level monitoring and control of high-precision equipment. Characteristics are: electronic display intuitive, high precision, long service life, convenient to set the control point through the display, but relatively high price, the need for power supply.

Precautions for the use of pressure switches.

1. Determination of setting value and pressure range: Recommended setting range is between 30%-65% of the pressure range, and the setting range is between 15%-90% of the pressure range.

2. The form of connection difference: adjustable or fixed.

3. Whether there is pulsation: If the pressure has pulsation or vibration, need to bring throttle valve to inhibit the pulsating pressure on the instrument damage.

4. With diaphragm occasions: the determination of corrosive, high viscosity or temperature is too high, need to choose with diaphragm.

5. The need for explosion-proof: explosion-proof form is divided into explosion-proof and intrinsically safe, Nagano products are mostly explosion-proof.

6. Whether it is necessary to bring the indication: according to the customer’s instruction.

7. Number of contacts: one contact (one output) or two contacts (two outputs).


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