Water Pressure Switch

Supplying different water pressure switch types with a good price, best manufacturer R&D ability with reach OEM & ODM experience. Samples & Sheets are available. The product include the W1 series and W2 series. The liquid pressure switches are widely used in gas boiler, gas water heater, commercial water dispenser, coffee machine, beer machine, medical device, and so on.

About W1 Series Water Pressure Switches

About W2 Series Microswitch Water Pressure Switches

The W1 series use silicone diaphragm as the pressure transfer element, its unique “bridge” structure design can ensure a very stable state in circuit switching. Meanwhile, the W1 series is small size and convenient to install. So, this design is very popular on the market. Besides, W1 switch also has a good performance on working because of its high-precision & wide temperature range.

The W2 not only uses the silicone diaphragm for pressure transmitting but uses the microswitch part for switching as well. So, it has more precise pressure detection as well as can be loaded with higher current at the same time. Besides, the Max. working temperature is 125℃, and it can stay in 85℃ for working well for a long time.

The role of the water pressure switch

Water pressure switches are widely used in household water system, agricultural irrigation, industrial production and other fields. In the family, water pressure switches can effectively solve the problems of dripping faucets and poor water flow caused by unstable water pressure. In agricultural production, water pressure switch can realize intelligent irrigation, avoiding the inconvenience of manual switch irrigation and improving its efficiency. In industrial production, the water pressure switch can ensure the normal supply of water to the equipment and improve production efficiency.


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