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Water Pressure Control Switch 12*14.5 For Gas Boiler Heater

This water pressure control switch belongs to the High-Precision and low-pressure type, its range is 0.02Mpa – 0.2MPa, and its precision is ±0.001MPa. Widely used in gas boilers and water heaters, etc.

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Water Pressure Control Switch Features

W13 is a 12*15mm interface water pressure control switch that is suitable to be used in gas boilers, water heaters, water dispensers, beer & coffee machines, and so on. It can detect the device’s water pressure and we can set the pressure point when in the manufacturing process. So, the buyer can tell us the requirement to set the pressure range, which can be from 0.02MPa to 0.2MPa while if you need other pressure ranges, also can contact us or visit our water pressure switches.

Meanwhile, the water pressure control switch can control the allowance in a small range which is 0.001 Mpa so it is perfect for the device with need high accuracy requirement.


Water Pressure Control Switch Joint

Because the different applications will have different installed interface types.  Please see the Pictures as following below or contact us.

W1 water pressure switch joint series
W1 water pressure switch joint series

W13 Water Pressure Switch Specification

Model Number W13 Water Pressure Control Switch
Connector 12*14.5mm diameter
Working Medium Water or other liquid
Circuit SPST-NO
Rating 0.05A (1A)@ 20VDC (250VAC)
Rated pressure 1.2 Mpa (12kgf/cm2)
Working Temperature 40T110 (-40 to 110℃)
Mechanical Life 20E4 (200000 cycles Min.)
Electrical Life 10E4 (100000 cycles Min.)
Protection Level IP54
Standard Error ±0.001 MPa
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