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Coffee machine pressure switch W32

The coffee machine pressure switch has wide pressure set points rated at 2.9-29 psi (0.02Mpa to 0.2Mpa) & 1A 250VAC 8 0.05A 24VDC, Professional service, 10 years factory.

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Coffee machine water pressure switch function

The water pressure switch function in a coffee machine is usually used to control the volume of water and the pressure at which it flows, to ensure the quality and taste of the coffee.

The water pressure switch works by detecting the flow and pressure of the water in the coffee machine, to regulate the concentration and taste of the coffee. This switch can adjust the flow and pressure of water to adapt to different types of coffee beans and to meet different taste demands, while also ensuring the efficiency and stability of coffee production.

Coffee machine water pressure switching principle

The principle behind the water pressure switch in a coffee machine is to use water pressure as an indicator of the flow rate and volume of water the machine is producing. It works by using a diaphragm or spring-loaded piston inside the switch that senses the water pressure inside the machine.

When the water pressure reaches a certain predetermined level, the switch triggers a signal that turns off or regulates the flow of water to the coffee maker. This helps to prevent overpressure and ensure that the coffee machine is producing consistent and high-quality coffee with the correct water pressure and flow rate.


W32 Water Pressure Switch Specification

Model Number W32 Water Pressure Control Switch
Connector 6.3*0.8mm diameter
Working Medium Water or other liquid
Circuit SPST-NO
Rating 0.05A (1A)@ 20VDC (250VAC)
Rated pressure 1.2 Mpa (12kgf/cm2)
Working Temperature 40T110 (-40 to 110℃)
Mechanical Life 20E4 (200000 cycles Min.)
Electrical Life 10E4 (100000 cycles Min.)
Protection Level IP54
Standard Error ±0.001 MPa


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