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Gecko Pressure Switch SP NO for Hot Tubs Spa Heater

The gecko pressure switch is rated at 2.9-29 psi (0.02Mpa to 0.2Mpa) and 1A 250VAC & 0.05A 24VDC; its circuit is single pole normally open type. Customers can require us to set the pressure point as their need in the specific pressure range.

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W14 Gecko Pressure Switch Specification

Model Number W13 Water Pressure Control Switch
Connector 12*14.5mm diameter
Working Medium Water or other liquid
Circuit SPST-NO
Rating 0.05A (1A)@ 20VDC (250VAC)
Rated pressure 1.2 Mpa (174 psi)
Working Temperature 40T110 (-40 to 110℃)
Mechanical Life 20E4 (200000 cycles Min.)
Electrical Life 10E4 (100000 cycles Min.)
Protection Level IP54
Standard Error ±0.001 MPa

Mini Pressure Switch Application & Installation

The Gecko pressure switch has a wide application range, and it can be used not only in the hot tub SPA heater control systems but also in the water heater, water dispenser, coffee machine, beer machine, and so on. Because of its small size and easy-installing character, this mini pressure switch is popular on the market. For the installation, the W1 series male pipe has 1/8 thread, 1/4 thread, Φ12*14.5, Φ12*14, and Φ12*15 quick connect for your options. For more water pressure switch information, please check the link.

W1 water pressure switch joint series


Heater Pressure Switch Features

Meanwhile, the tolerance for W1 is small, designed for the product that needs a small error and a wide working temperature pressure range. As well as, the W1 can ensure a stable performance when working because of its distinctive design and high-quality material.

Besides, the Gecko pressure switch has a long working life, its mechanical life is 200,000 cycles, and its electrical life is 100,000 cycles.

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