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Boiler Water Pressure Switch 4 A NO with High Precision

The W2 boiler water pressure switch is a high precision water pressure detecting switch with microswitch construction, which not only can be used in boilers but also in many devices need to detect the pressure. Such as the coffee machine, beer machine, water dispenser, medical devices, and so on.


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Boiler Water Pressure Switch Description

The W2 boiler water pressure switch can detect the pressure range from 10Kpa to 100Kpa, which belongs to the middle-pressure type. It not only uses the silica gel diaphragm as the transfer element but also uses the microswitch as an independent switching part. So that the performance of the part is reliable as well as high precision.

Meanwhile, it can not only can be used in boiler but coffee machine, beer machines, water dispensers, medical devices, and so on as well.

Boiler Water Pressure Switch Features

  • The production standard is according to the CE ENEN1854, so the switch is high quality & reliable.
  • The pressure is accurate and adjustable, so the user can ask us to set the pressure value from us.
  • Water and electricity separation design: this desgin can avoid the electric leakage happen.
  • Meanwhile, this water pressure switch has independent microswitch, not matter small or big raring are available.
  • High quality material with wide working temperature range.

W2 Water Pressure Switch Specification

Model Number W2 Water Level Switch Washer
Circuit SPST-NO
Working Medium Water or other compatible fluids
Rating 4A 24VDC; 1A 125/250VAC
Protection Level IP54
Terminals 6.3*0.8 mm (#250)
Overload pressure 0.8 MPa (8 kgf/cm^2)
Working Temperature -40℃ to + 110℃
Interface size 13.2mm quick connect
Installation direction Any direction
Pressure Sensing Material Silica gel
Pressure Connector Material PA66 30GF UL94 V-0 & brass
Shell Material PA66 30GF UL94 V-0
Mechanical Life 100,000 cycles
Electrical Life 50,000 cycles

As a professional pressure switch & flow sensor manufacturer, we also accept the OEM & ODM service. And if you need to see more our pressure & flow products, welcome to visit the product page, thank you.

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