4 Features of Water Pressure Switches, How Water Pressure Switches Work

Water pressure switch, as the name suggests, is the use of water pressure to control the switch, the pressure switch is different from ordinary switches, the general family will not use the pressure switch, the pressure switch is generally used for control of the pressure sensor, the pressure sensor and the CPU modularity of the information to be processed, and then only to play the role of the switch, the pressure switch is generally a high degree of accuracy and stability of the performance. General application of many chemical industry and electronic industry, it is different liquid and surface pressure measurement. So now it is used more frequently in the industry. Here is a brief introduction to you.

Water Pressure Switch


4 Features of Water Pressure Switches

There are two main types of pressure switches, one is normally open while the other is normally closed. There are four main features of pressure switches:

The first one is that the pipe thread fitting type and mounting structure as well as the soldered copper pipe is very flexible and extremely easy to use without the need for additional mounting to hold the structure in place.

The second feature is that the pressure switches are available with plug-in and wire connections.

The third feature is that the pressure switch has a safe and reliable sealed stainless steel inductor that customers can use with confidence.

The last is that within a certain pressure range, customers can choose any pressure value for the pressure switch to operate.

How Water Pressure Switches Work

The working principle of the pressure switch is that if the pressure inside the pressure switch system is higher or lower than the initial set safe pressure value, the disc inside the sensor inside the pressure switch can sense it in time and alarm occurs, and at the same time, it will move, and through the interconnection with the guide bar, make the pressure switch connector connected to the power supply or disconnected from the power supply.

When the pressure in the pressure switching system returns to the initial safe pressure value, the disc senses it again and returns to its original position in a flash, and the switch automatically returns to its original position and status. However, it should be noted that when choosing a pressure switch, you must understand that there is no pulsation in the pressure of the pressure switch, and whether or not you need to use a throttle valve, which will cause losses to the instrument.

The role of water pressure switch

Pressure switch used in the air compressor above is mainly to regulate the air compressor start and stop state, through the adjustment of the pressure in the tank to let the air compressor shut down to rest, the machine has a maintenance effect. In the air compressor factory commissioning, according to customer needs to adjust to the specified pressure, and then set a pressure difference.

After a brief introduction to the above content you must have a very good understanding of its working principle. These contents are of great help to everyone in the use of pressure switches. Water pressure switch in use will generally set a fixed value, that is to say, when the actual value is less than the fixed value or greater than the fixed value, he will appear alarm, and movement occurs to lead to the other linkage connected to the switch energised or de-energised. When the water pressure inside the system reaches the fixed value, it returns to the original state, thus playing the role of the switch.


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