What is a gas water heater pressure switch?

A gas water heater is a household appliance that uses gas as an energy source to heat cold water into hot water. The working principle of the gas water heater is that when the user opens the water valve of the water heater, the water pressure sensor of the water heater detects the change of water pressure and sends a signal to the electronic control board, which controls the igniter to ignite the gas, which is burned by the burner to produce high-temperature heat, and then passes through a heat exchanger to transfer the heat to the cold water that flows through it, so as to heat up the cold water into hot water and output it to the user.

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The gas water heater pressure switch is an important part of the gas water heater, its role is to detect the air pressure of the gas water heater to ensure the safe operation of the gas water heater. The gas water heater pressure switch is usually located in the upper right corner part of the water heater, is a teacup lid-sized disk-shaped object, connected with three wires and a hollow plastic pipe. One end of the hollow plastic tube is connected to the water heater’s blower, and the other end is connected to the pressure switch, creating a closed air pressure system. Inside the pressure switch is a microswitch, which uses the static pressure of the gas to push the microswitch to turn the current on and off.

When a gas water heater is operating, the fan draws air into the burner while exhaust gases from combustion are exhausted. This will form a positive pressure difference between the fan and the burner, which is transmitted to the pressure switch through the hollow plastic tube, making the pressure switch inside the microswitch closure, the current is smooth, and the gas water heater works normally. If the fan stops working, or the burner is blocked, or the hollow plastic pipe is broken, or the pressure switch fails, it will lead to a drop in wind pressure, the micro switch inside the pressure switch is disconnected, the current is interrupted, and the gas water heater automatically stops working, so as to avoid the occurrence of gas leakage or carbon monoxide poisoning and other dangerous situations .

Gas water heater pressure switch failure common code for “E3”, “E4” or “E5” alarm, in addition to replacing the pressure switch, you can also try to adjust the pressure regulating screw to Solve the problem. The method of adjusting the regulating screw is to open the plastic cover of the pressure switch, remove the glass glue, and then twist the regulating screw counterclockwise until you hear a clear “drop” sound, indicating that the switch state of the pressure switch changes, and then twist the regulating screw clockwise 1/4-1/2 circle, making the pressure switch in the “on” state. Then twist the regulating screw 1/4-1/2 turns clockwise to make the pressure switch in the “on” state, and finally set back the plastic cover to fix the pressure switch.

The gas water heater pressure switch is a detection element, which can detect the air pressure of the gas water heater to ensure the safe operation of the gas water heater. If the pressure switch malfunctions, you can determine the cause according to the alarm code, try to adjust or replace the pressure switch by yourself, or contact professional maintenance personnel to deal with it.


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