What is the most common pressure switch?

Pressure switch is a kind of switch that uses pressure change to control the circuit, which is widely used in various industrial and living fields, such as pumps, air-conditioners, automobiles, airplanes and so on. The principle of pressure switch is that when the pressure reaches the set value, the contacts of the switch change, thus making the circuit on and off. Pressure switches can be categorized according to different pressure media, pressure ranges, output signals, etc., but the most common pressure switches are mechanical pressure switches and electronic pressure switches.

Mechanical pressure switches utilize mechanical elements such as springs, diaphragms, pistons, etc. to sense changes in pressure. When the pressure exceeds or falls below the set value, the deformation of the mechanical elements will push the movement of the contacts, thus changing the state of the circuit. The advantages of mechanical pressure switches are simple structure, low cost and high reliability, but the disadvantages are lower precision, shorter life, susceptible to temperature and vibration.

Electronic pressure switches utilize piezoresistive, piezoelectric, capacitive and other electronic components to sense changes in pressure. When the pressure exceeds or falls below the set value, the resistance, voltage, capacitance and other parameters of the electronic components will change, thus controlling the change of the contact through the circuit or microprocessor. The advantages of electronic pressure switches are high precision, long life, programmable, and remote control, but the disadvantages are complex structure, high cost, and susceptible to electromagnetic interference.

Pressure switch is an important automatic control element, which can realize various functions according to the change of pressure, such as protection, alarm, regulation and so on. The selection of pressure switch should be determined according to the specific application and requirements, such as the nature of the pressure medium, the size of the pressure range, the type of output signal, the limitations of the installation method. The use and maintenance of pressure switches should also pay attention to some matters, such as regular inspection, cleaning, calibration, replacement, etc., to ensure the normal operation and safety of pressure switches.



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