Why does the wall furnace air pressure switch go bad and how to fix it with troubleshooting methods?

The wind pressure switch of the wall-hung boiler is a very important part, its function is to detect the gas combustion of the water heater, and if it is found that the combustion is incomplete or can not be ignited, the gas will be shut off to protect the safety of the user. If you find that the gas from the wall heater cannot be ignited, or the water heater cannot heat properly, the wind pressure switch may be malfunctioning. Then, such as * repair wall-hung boiler air pressure switch?


1. Open the wall-hung boiler panel: First, you need to turn off the power of the wall-hung boiler and remove its panel. Different models of wall-hung boiler panel removal method may be different, you can check the water heater’s instruction manual, or refer to the removal guide provided by the manufacturer.

2. Locate the air pressure switch: Inside the wall furnace, the air pressure switch is usually located near the heat exchanger, close to the oxidizer fan. Typically, the air pressure switch is a small switch with a couple of wires.

3. Check the wire contact: Check if the wire contact of the air pressure switch is good. If the contact is poor, you can re-insert it or clamp it with pliers to make sure the wires are connected tightly.

4. Clean the gas port: The wind pressure switch detects the flow of gas, so when cleaning the gas port, you need to clean up the dirt, dust and debris to ensure that the airflow inside the water heater is smooth and that the water heater operates properly.

5. Replace the air pressure switch: If the above steps are unable to restore the normal operation of the wall-hung boiler, then you need to replace the air pressure switch. At this time you need to disassemble the original air pressure switch and purchase a new switch of the appropriate type for replacement. Pay attention to safety when removing and installing to avoid damaging other parts of the water heater.

Repair wall-hung boiler air pressure switch needs to have certain skills and common sense, if you do not have the relevant knowledge, please do not carry out maintenance privately. It is recommended that you find a professional maintenance unit or technician to deal with this issue, to ensure that the replacement of the air pressure switch and the wall-hung boiler itself in line with the technology, so as to avoid damage to the equipment and jeopardize the safety of users.

Wall-hung boiler wind pressure switch wind important role is to ensure that the equipment in the case of poor exhaust can close the gas channel in a timely manner to ensure that the gas does not leak, thereby protecting personal safety.

Wind pressure switch has two detection port, that is, positive pressure detection port and negative pressure detection port, the cavity is also divided into positive pressure chamber and negative pressure chamber. The two chambers are separated by a membrane, which moves when there is a pressure source to trigger the microswitch for on/off purposes.

The wind pressure switch is equipped with a micro-adjustment device, which changes the pressure of the spring to change the on and off points (i.e., ON and OFF points) of the wind pressure switch during adjustment. Thus playing a protective role.

Extended information:

Principle of operation

Usually the sampling of wind pressure switch adopts the negative pressure detection port, and the sampling device is installed in the negative pressure area of the snail shell of the strong exhaust fan. Sampling device sampling port is a beveled tube, it is a certain angle with the wind direction, with the change of angle and wind speed changes in the detected pressure values are different.

In order to achieve the standard requirements of 80Pa before the shutdown can not be required, many companies will wind pressure value set at 110Pa when the shutdown. Then, accurately control the gas water heater in the specified wind pressure value off, is through the wind pressure switch of the fine-tuning device to adjust the ON, and OFF point with the fan sampling device to match the sampling negative pressure value to meet the requirements.


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