Where is the washing machine water level switch

When it comes to the washing machine, I believe we are all familiar with it, and it is used very often in life. However, some friends do not know much about the structure of the washing machine, so where is the washing machine water level switch? What to pay attention to the daily use of the washing machine? With these two questions we take a look at it!

Where is the washing machine water level switch.


Water level switch is also a pressure switch, usually in the washing machine shell. Mainly used to control the water level of the washing machine, automatic washing machine water level switch has two inserts, water pressure is low, the two inserts are disconnected; water pressure is high, the inserts are connected, the default selected water level. Usually in the factory before the manufacturer has been installed, do not need to set manually.


What to pay attention to the daily use of washing machines:

1, washing machine preparation before use

First of all, before using the washing machine, to ensure that the placement point to be level and firm, there is uneven, if you can use a wrench to adjust the foot nut of the washing machine, and can not be placed in a wet place, can not be away from the fire source or heat source is too close to avoid potential safety hazards. In addition, according to the instructions for the correct installation of the drainpipe, and check the power cord, to avoid damage to the power cord and lead to electric leakage and other dangers.

2, the use of washing machines

Secondly, when using the washing machine, pay attention to the clothing with volatile liquids can not be put into the washing machine washing or dehydration, otherwise it will cause an explosion or fire. Before washing clothes, you can remove hairpins and coins from the pockets of clothes. In addition, according to the material and color of the clothes to be classified washing.

3, the maintenance of the washing machine after use

Finally, after using the washing machine, turn off the power switch in time and drain the water in the cylinder. The same time each time after washing, the filter should be cleaned to keep the water flowing smoothly. And do not place heavy objects or heat sources on the washing cover, otherwise it will lead to deformation of the cover. In addition the washing machine should be placed in a dry area, especially the internal motor, capacitor, switch timer, etc., should be kept dry, once damp, directly affect the normal use.



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