What are the consequences of an oil pressure switch malfunction?

Functional failure of the oil pressure switch can cause oil leakage problems and oil pressure alarm problems. Functional failure of the oil pressure switch may cause oil leakage and oil pressure alarm. To solve this problem, we can take the following measures:

1. Remove the oil stains on the surface, accelerate in neutral for 3 minutes to 5 minutes in the same position and check again to make sure whether the leakage is generated by the place (it is better to use fluorescent agent if possible), if the leakage point is confirmed to be the oil pressure switch;

2. Measure the tightening torque of the oil pressure switch (low pressure + high pressure), record the information and give feedback;

3. Unscrew the oil pressure switch, check the sealing surface of the gasket and the attached bracket for any abnormality, bump or chip, record and feedback.

For the oil pressure alarm problem, we can take the following solutions:

1. Confirm whether the fault can be reproduced, replace the faulty parts to the normal vehicle to confirm whether the fault is transferred;

2. refuelling in neutral until the maximum speed is reached, and then slowly retracting the fuel to idle speed, measuring the voltage drop of the faulty switch and the oil pressure, and confirming whether the switch can be switched on and off within the range of the specified oil pressure.

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