How to wire the air pressure switch hoses?

Let wire air pressure switch hoses Easily!


In our daily life, the air pressure switch is well known by many people to know but most of them do not know how to connect the two hoses on the air pressure switch. Today, I will tell you how to do it, and hope this article can help you.

Wire the air pressure switch hoses

What is the L and H port for the pressure switch?

Generally, there are 2 ports on the switch, one is the low-pressure connection and another one is the high-pressure connection. And the air will flow from the H port to the L port to finish the cycle to activate the switch.

The way to connect with 2 hoses on the air pressure switch

In general, the two hoses of the air pressure switch are connected to the L port, but each brand is different. If we find it is wrong, then we can also try to connect it to the H port. Because there on the L and H port, if not the L, is the H.

Whether the air pressure switch hose is an L port or an H port is determined by the manufacturer’s design. In fact, it has nothing to do with the brand name. Because brands with the same name also have different models, so different interfaces are also very common.

Generally, the most important parameter of the air pressure switch is the threshold value. And this value will be affected by time.

We must pay attention to the switch for a long time using may cause the parts inside to age, and the contacts of the switch may not be accurate. So, we have to regularly check the resistance value of the switch when it is turned on. If it is not accurate, adjust it regularly.

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