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Auto Boiler Pressure Relief Valve 2.7 to 3.3 Bar

The VA-F001 boiler pressure relief valve is widely used in water heaters, furnaces, etc. which is an automatic operation for pressure relieving so that it can avoid burning if you do it manually.

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The VA-F001 Boiler Pressure Relief Valve is widely used in boilers, water heaters, furnaces, etc. Generally, the heat-burning product will produce the heating to increase the pressure inside, if too much,  the equipment will cause damage because of overload pressure. So, it needs the relief valve to avoid that.

VA Boiler Pressure Relief Valve Features


  • It can relieve the pressure automatically, user don’t need to operate it by hand. Which is safety to reduce the burning happens.
  • Meanwhile, it also has the manual relief type in our production line, welcome to contact us to get more details.
  • The VA series relief valve is used high-quality material to make sure it withstands voltage, the Max. value is 10 MPa(10 Bar).
  • Different kind of interfaces for your options, which has direct inset+quick connection interface, direct inset+G1/4 screw interface, G1/4 screw interface+G1/4 built-in screw interface, and G1/4 screw interface+quick connection interface.
  • For more Relief Valve types, please click the link to check. Meanwhile, REGAL is a pressure & flowing industry expert, welcome to visit our homepage for more information.


VA-F001Relief Valve Specification


Model Number VA-F1001 Boiler Pressure Relief Valve
Water Outlet Type Direct inset/ G1/4
Pressure Relief Range 2.7-3.3 Bar
Withstand voltage 10 MPa (10 Bar)
Water Temperature 0℃ to 85℃
Operating Temperature -40 to  110℃
Manual pressure relief time 20000 cycles
Shell Material PA66+30%
Diaphragm Silicon
Working medium Water
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