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VA-F004 Gas Boiler Safety Relief Valve 3 Bar Best China Manufacturer

The VA-F004 is a gas boiler safety relief valve that has a self-relieving function and it not only can be used in boilers but also in water heaters, which is high quality and good price. Welcome to contact us to get more information.

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Boiler Safety Relief Valve Features


REGAL boiler safety relief valve is a device that can relieve the pressure caused by the hot water to ensure safety to avoid a pipeline explosion. For the pressure release range, this mode is from 2.7 to 3.3 bar, which is the same standard on the market. So, the VA series safety valve has a very wide application.

Meanwhile, this valve can release the pressure automatically so that users don’t need to operate it by hand, which can reduce the risk of scalding. However, in order to meet the requirement of manual operation, the relief valve also has a manual operation mode, especially for repair.

The VA product series has many different kinds of contacting ways for your options. And the connection for VA-F004 is “1* G1/4 screw thread & 1* quick contact pressure relief” if you need other options, welcome to click the link to visit all VA safety relief valves.

Besides, as a safety relief valve manufacturer, we also accept OEM service.

Boiler Safety Relief Valve Specification


Model Number VA-F004 boiler safety relief valve
Water Outlet Type  1*G1/4 screw thread & 1* quick contact pressure relief
Pressure Relief Range 2.7-3.3 Bar
Withstand voltage 10 MPa (10 Bar)
Water Temperature 0℃ to 85℃
Operating Temperature -40 to  110℃
Manual pressure relief time 20,000 cycles
Shell Material PA66+30%
Diaphragm Silicon
Working medium Water
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