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Condensate Separator Air Pressure Switch Accessory S12

S12 Condensate Separator Description

The condensate separator is a kind of accessory of an air pressure switch to separate exit gas water when the steam liquidation because of the temperature difference.

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So, it can avoid the pressure switch from losing efficacy. Meanwhile, this part is designed to separate the water automatically, the user doesn’t need to operate it manually.

S12 17.85mm Condensate Separator Features


  • It is a perfect part to connect with the air pressure switch to use in the wall-hanging furnace. Because the furnace environment will lead to a drop of water, which will come back to the pressure switch or draught fan. So, this situation will cause the malfunction of the furnace.
  • With this separator part, the liquid droplets of gas can be excreted to the outside automatically. Which can save the cost of manual maintenance.
  • Meanwhile, this type of condensate separator from us also has 13.9 & 17.85mm tube gaps for options, welcome to contact us to get more details.
  • Besides, if you need more parts of the pressure or flowing products, welcome to click the link to check, beside the separator we also provide the limiting core. For more product information, welcome to visit our product page.
  • What’s more, if you need the OEM or ODM, please feel free to discuss them with us.


Condensate Separator Specification

Model Number S12 Condensate Separator
Working Pressure Range 0 to 500 Pa
Pressure Loss <5Pa @500Pa
Medium Temperature 0℃ to 85℃
Size 13.9/17.85mm
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