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S11 Steam Condensate Separator Wall-Hanging Gas Boiler 13.9 mm

The S11 steam condensate separator is a kind of part to be installed with the air pressure switch, which will connect between the pressure switch and the fan interface by the tube.

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S11 Steam Condensate Separator Features

You can see the Steam Condensate Separator in the middle of the pressure switch and hoses, when the tail gas comes out and meet the cold air, the tail gas will become water drop inside the hoses to plug up the tube or even drop out the pressure switch and fan, which will lead to system failure and alarm. With this separator, it can avoid this situation happen.

Generally, this can be used in the wall-hanging furnace boiler because the wall-hanging boiler meets this situation often but the water heater is not often. Because the furnace environment will lead to a drop of water, which will come back to the pressure switch or draught fan. So, this situation will cause the malfunction of the furnace.

Meanwhile, this steam condensate separator can drain away water automatically so you don’t need to operate it by hand. The inside of the separator has a float ball, when the water is filled with the water, the ball will be raised up, and then the condensate water will be drained. About the connection with the pressure switch.

For more parts of the air pressure switch and flow sensor, please click the link to check. Besides, we also provide the air pressure switch, water pressure switch, flow sensor, etc. which is also can be used in the wall-hanging boiler. We can provide the ONE-STOP solution for you.

Condensate Separator Dimension

This is the condensate separator dimension, the distance between interfaces is 13.9mm but 17.85mm is also available.

Condensate Separator dimension

Steam Condensate Separator Specification

Model Number S11 Steam Condensate Separator
Working Pressure Range 0 to 500 Pa
Pressure Loss <5Pa @500Pa
Medium Temperature 0℃ to 85℃
Size 13.9 mm (17.85mm is also available)
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