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C7-W Electronic Air Pressure Sensor For Boiler Water Heater

This C7 electronic air pressure sensor has a wire and connector, which is high quality and has good performance. Unlike the mechanical air pressure switch, it can detect many different air pressure points’ valves at the same time. Welcome to contact us to get the quote & sample.

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Electronic Air Pressure Sensor Features

There are mechanical and electrical types on the market for air pressure switches and sensors. Generally, we call the electrical type an air pressure sensor and the mechanical type an air pressure switch. The difference is the trigger mechanism; the magnetic core drives the electrical air pressure sensor, but the mechanical air pressure switch is driven by the mechanical structure ( like the spring, leaf, etc.).

So, the working principle decides the different performance for them. The electrical type will have a longer operating life as the failure rate is much lower than the mechanical type. Meanwhile, the air pressure sensor can also detect many air pressure points simultaneously, but the mechanical type can not. However, the mechanical type will have a lower price and can also be used in many kinds of applications if you don’t have a high requirement. Besides, the mechanical type also has not had many technical requirements for the customer when they use the switch in their product.

All in all, you can choose the sensor or switch type as you need; if you don’t know how to choose the model, welcome to contact us for more details.

C7 Electronic Air Pressure Sensor Specification

Model Number C7 with wire & connector
Working Medium Air or Gas tail gas
Withstand Pressure 2000Pa Max. (Pa to Psi)
Sensor Accuracy ±2%(Hz)
Dielectric Strength 500VAC (<3mA)
Rated Voltage DC4.75V – DC5.25V
Rated Current 5mA
Low-Duty-Cycle 50%
Working Temperature 40T90 (-40 to 90℃)
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