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C5-W Low Air Pressure Sensor Adustable Pressure With 3 Wires

The C5-W is a low air pressure sensor that can detect different places air pressure valves at the same time and it can test the air pressure without quantity limitation.

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Low Air Pressure Sensor Features

The C5-W is the lead wire connector type air pressure sensor that can detect multiple pressure valves at the same time at a low-pressure range and without any limitation. That is the most difference between the air pressure switch and the air pressure sensor. Meanwhile, as a low air pressure sensor, its advantage is not only flexibility but also has low defect rate. Because it can detect any pressure in its range and it will not easy to let the defect happen.

The sensor has high compatibility with your engineer’s design, the engineer can set any valve on the circuit board to achieve his need. So, it is very convenient for the manufacturer in the preliminary design. Besides, our air pressure sensors have a tube type and double tube type for your options, and the single tube type is suitable for the water heater, and the double type air pressure sensor is suitable for some air conditioner systems, and wall-hanging boilers, and so on.

For more air pressure sensor options, welcome click the link to see. As a professional manufacturer, we also can OEM the air pressure sensor, welcome to contact us to know more details. Thank you.

C5-W Low Air Pressure Sensor Specification

Model Number C5-W with wire & connector
Working Medium Air or Gas tail gas
Withstand Pressure 2000Pa Max. (Pa to Psi)
Sensor Accuracy ±2%(Hz)
Dielectric Strength 500VAC (<3mA)
Rated Voltage DC4.75V – DC5.25V
Rated Current 5mA
Low-Duty-Cycle 50%
Working Temperature 40T90 (-40 to 90℃)
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