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Water Level Pressure Switch For Washing Machine & Dishwasher

B11 water level pressure switch can control a single water level for the washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Which is high-precision & cramped construction. It is through the installation by quick connect, 6.3*0.8mm(#250) and 4.8*0.5mm(#187) are available for options. Besides, the shell can meet the requirement of UL94-V0.

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Water Level Pressure Switch Features


  • Using the high-quality silicon diaphragm, which can work in more than 150℃ for a long time.
  • The B1 water level pressure switch has a wide range of use in hybrid or electronic control, such as the front-loading washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Which can control the single water level in the device. But if you need double water levels or multi-water levels control, welcome to contact us.
  • Meanwhile, the Priming level, Reset level, and Overflowing level can be custom-made, which is dependent on your requirement.
  • Besides, our level switch is a high degree of accuracy, which is +/-5mmw.c for the priming level. So you can use it on a demanding device.

For more product information, welcome to click the link to see our product page. Meanwhile, REGAL is a pressure & flowing industry expert, welcome to visit our homepage for more information.


B11 Level Switch Specification

Model Number B11 Water Level Pressure Switch
Electrical Rating 1-2(3):10(2.5) @ 125/250 VAC;
1-6: 1(1) @ 125/250 VAC
Or 0.1A @24VDC Gold plated contact
Terminals 6.3*0.8 mm (#250)/ 4.8*0.5mm(#187)
Priming Level Rang: 50~400mmw.c., Tolerance:   +/-5mmw.c.
Reset Water Level Rang: 20~350mmw.c., Tolerance:   +/-5mmw.c.
Overflowing Level Rang: 150~600mmw.c., Tolerance:   +/-15mmw.c.
Overload Pressure 760mmw.c. (7.6 kPa)
Operating Temperature 85℃ max.
Interface size 5.5mm outer diameter, suitable for 5mm inner diameter hose
Working medium Air or non-corrosive gas
Shell Material PA+GF with UL94-V0
Mechanical Cycles 100,000 cycles
Electrical Cycles Main circuit: 250,00 cycles; Over-flow circuit: 5000 cycles
Safety Certification CE (EN61058)
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