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Water Level Switch Washer Double Level Control B2G

B2G water level switch washer can be used for commercial dishwashers, medical vessel washers,s and so on. Which can control double levels one is the low water level and another one is the high water level.

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Water Level Switch for Washer Description

The REGAL B2 series water level switch washer is a kind of water pressure control part with a double water level. It adopts the same platform as B1 and has a compact structure design. Meanwhile, the B2G is especially suitable for the two water level control of commercial dishwashers, which can detect the water level control in the range of 15mm water column and up to 200mm water column.

Besides, B2 series water level switches are also suitable for hybrid control or full electronic control occasions. Its quick-plug installation, high precision water level assurance, high reliability, as well as overflow protection design. So it has perfect working performance in water level control for commercial washers. Welcome to click the link to see more water level switches information, or check another pressure switch or flow sensor.

Water Level Switch Washer Features

  • The production standard is according to the CE EN61058, so the switch is high quality & reliable.
  • Fire-proof material: the switch shell material is made of engineering plastics and its protection level is UL94-V0. So, if a fire happens, this material can reduce the risk.
  • Unlike the cheap-price water level switch, its tolerance is only +/-5mmw.c.
  • Meanwhile, the silica gel diaphragm can work at 150℃ or more for a long time.
  • Fast delivery time: we can produce this water Level Switch washer in 14 to 21 days for regular order.
  • What’s more, the OEM & ODM service are welcome.

B2G Water Switch Washer Specification

Model Number B2G Water Level Switch Washer
Circuit SPST-NO or SPDT
Working Medium Air or non-corrosive gas
Rating L11-L12(3): 1(0.5) @ 125/250 VAC; L21-L22(3): 1(0.5) @ 125/250 VAC L11-L12(3): 1(0.5) @ 125/250 VAC; L21-L22(3): 1(0.5) @ 125/250 VAC
Tube Interface 6.3 outer diameter which is suitable for the 5mm inner diameter tube
Terminals 6.3*0.8 mm (#250)
Low Water Level Range: 20~100mmw.c., tolerance: +/-5mmw.c
High Water Level Range: 60~200mmw.c., tolerance: +/-5mmw.c
Overload pressure 760mmw.c. (7.6 kPa)
Working Temperature 85℃ max.
Interface size 5.5mm outer diameter, suitable for 5mm inner diameter hose
Installation direction The diaphragm is in a vertical plane
Diaphragm Material High-performance silica gel, long-term use temperature >150℃.
Shell Material Engineering plastics PA+GF(UL94-V0 fire rating )
Mechanical Life 50,000 cycles
Electrical Life 100,00 cycles for main circuit


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