How air pressure switch works?

What does an air pressure switch do?

The air pressure switch works adopt high precision, and high stability of the pressure sensor and transmission circuit, and then through the dedicated CPU modular signal processing technology, to achieve the medium pressure signal detection, display, alarm, and control signal output. The pressure switch can be widely used in the petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, water supply, and other fields of all kinds of gas, liquid gauge pressure, and absolute pressure measurement control.

What does an air pressure switch do on a boiler?

The air pressure switch works the main engine and adopts the horizontal three-loop wet back structure to improve the boiler operating environment and improve the efficiency and service life of the boiler. High furnace temperature, high combustion efficiency, low exhaust emission concentration, sufficient heating surface, and heating surface layout are reasonable so that the boiler thermal efficiency of more than 95%. The boiler can be equipped with a combustion (gas) gas ignition burner to realize ignition automation. The high school Rui hot water boiler adopts microcomputer automatic control, reduces the work intensity, and facilitates the realization of one-button automatic operation. The main body of the boiler adopts a threaded pipe to enhance heat transfer and save energy. Multi-chain SAFETY PROTECTION FUNCTION: THE product is equipped with a safety valve, pressure controller, and other overpressure protection devices to prevent accidents caused by the overpressure of the boiler. At the same time, it has very low water level protection, and the boiler automatically stops working when supplying water.

air pressure switch works

How to adjust the air pressure switch?

Air pressure switch works adjustment method: After closing the ball valve, use the manual pump to hit the pressure of the pressure gauge to about 20Bar, and then access the multimeter to 1-2 or 1-3 points, and then use the manual oil release button to drain the oil. The multimeter should respond when the pressure is 6-7 bar. If it is higher than this value, the hexagon bolt in the center of the pressure switch should be adjusted counterclockwise, and vice versa; After adjusting the bolt, the pressure should be increased to about 20bar by manual pump, and then the oil should be discharged and checked again through the manual oil discharge button until the pressure switch acts at 6-7bar. Overpressure pressure switch adjustment method: (overpressure pressure set value should usually be 1.1 times the elevator full load pressure value)

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How does air pressure change with an increase in altitude?

The air pressure switch decreases with altitude.

The reason can be understood from two perspectives.

1, The air pressure switch works is generated by the gravity of the air above the point. Therefore, the higher the height of the air column above it is small, the gravity and density of the air are also small, so the higher the distance from the ground, the smaller the pressure. The pressure increases the closer you get to the surface.

2, Can be explained by the view of molecular motion. Because gas is composed of a large number of molecules in irregular motion, each collision of the gas molecules will give an impact force to the surface of the object. The result of the continuous collision of a large number of air molecules is reflected in the pressure of the atmosphere on the surface of the object, thus forming atmospheric pressure. The density of the atmosphere on the surface of the earth is different. Due to the gravitational effect of the Earth, the air near the surface is denser and contains more molecules per unit volume. The more times the air molecules collide with the surface per unit area at the same time, the greater the pressure will be. The air in the upper layers is thinner and less dense, so there are fewer collisions, and the pressure is naturally lower.


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