How does water level sensor work?

What is a water level sensor?

Water level sensors are mainly used in the washing machine market where multiple water levels are required. The water level sensor is specially designed for applications that require precise tolerances over a wide temperature range. The water level switch product design is lightweight and precise, and the mounting and terminal connection sizes are suitable for various washing machines. Customers can use it directly without any changes in the mounting size. Typical applications include fully automatic wave washing machines, roller washing machines, and dishwashers for detecting the level of the water level.

Working principle of water level sensor

The water level sensor is inside the container, and the water level signal is transmitted to the controller. The computer in the controller compares the measured water level signal with the set signal and obtains the deviation. Then, according to the nature of the deviation, the electric valve is sent to the water supply “open “and” close” commands to ensure that the container reaches the set water level. After the water intake procedure is completed, the computer of the temperature control part sends an “open” command to the electric valve that supplies the heat medium, so the system begins to heat the water in the container. To set the temperature. The controller sends out the command to close the valve and cut off the heat source, and the system enters the state of thermal insulation. In the process of programming, it is ensured that the electric control valve of the heat source does not open the valve when the system does not reach the safe water level, so as to avoid the loss of heat and the occurrence of accidents.

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Do you want to buy a water level sensor?

For more information about water level sensor products, please visit our website. water level sensor work products are designed to be lightweight and precise and are used in fully automatic washing machines, roller washing machines, and dishwashers to detect the level of water. In addition, we also have water pressure sensors, water level switches, safety valves, flow sensor products, etc., and professional services, ten years out of the factory, thank you very much.

How to check the water level sensor in the washing machine?

The water level sensor pulls out the lower end of the transparent tube to blow air, and the action sound of the sensor can be heard, indicating that the ventilation pipe is not leaking. Disassemble the upper part of the washer shell, unplug the water level selection knob, find the sensor and remove it, blow again and measure the contact situation, find that the contact is bad, and conclude that it is the fault of the sensor rather than the problem of the control board. The sensor is closed with an iron circular shell and is fixed on the sensor seat. The water level control knob controls the distance of the contact through the toothed fork of different depths to control the water level, so it has to be slowly pried open and removed with a thin screwdriver. The contact quick action copper sheet is the same as the ordinary micro switch, but it is larger. The contact is only a copper wire welded by pressure. It is polished with sandpaper and measured to be in good contact and restored to its original state. If the action is not sensitive when blowing air, you can slightly adjust the adjusting screw to make it flexible to open and break.


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