What is safety relief valve?

How does a safety relief valve work?

The safety valve is a kind of automatic pressure relief protection device opened by the inlet static pressure, pressure safety valve it is one of the most important safety accessories of the pressure vessel, pressure safety valve its function is when the pressure in the vessel exceeds a certain value, the safety valve depends on the pressure of the medium itself automatically opens the valve, the safety valve quickly discharges a certain amount of medium.

When the steam pressure UNDER THE relief valve disc exceeds the pressing force of the spring, the disc is jacked open. After THE TOP OF THE DISC OPENS, the exhaust steam acts on the disc holding ring due to the rebound of the lower adjustment ring, so that the valve opens quickly.


With the upward movement of the valve disc, the steam impact on the upper adjusting ring, so that the direction of exhaust steam tends to vertical downward, the reaction force produced by exhaust steam pushes the valve disc upward, and within a certain pressure range to keep the valve disc at a sufficient lifting height with the opening of the safety valve, the steam is continuously discharged, and the steam pressure in the system is gradually reduced. At this point, the action of the spring will overcome the steam pressure acting on the disc and the reaction force of the exhaust, thus closing the relief valve.

How much pressure relief valve on the hot water tank?

The nominal pressure of 0.7MPa on the safety valve of the water heater means that when the water pressure in the water heater reaches the pressure, the safety valve starts to relieve pressure, so as to protect the water heater. The nominal pressure of the safety valve is set according to the pressure capacity of the water heater itself, and it is the pressure limit that the enterprise has determined when designing the water heater. The national standard has not made uniform provisions. The higher the pressure, the greater the pressure capacity of the water heater, but the greater the manufacturing cost.

Where is the safety relief valve usually located?

Safety valve in the power plant is generally used to block the flow of fluid in the pipeline, play a protective role. Mounted on boilers and pressurized pipes.


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