What is flow sensor in ventilator?

What is a water flow sensor?

The flow sensor is a kind of instrument used to detect the flow parameters of liquid, gas, and other media and convert them into other forms of signals for output. Flow sensor has many advantages such as small size, lightweight, intuitive and clear reading, high reliability, and no pressure loss, so it has been widely used in environmental monitoring, safety protection, medical and health, trade settlement, and other fields. However, it can not measure the flow of non-conductive media, which also limits its development to a certain extent.

Functional characteristics of the flow sensor

The baffle can be designed according to the size of the water flow to reduce the water resistance generated by the water flow sensor and reduce the pressure loss of the water system. However, due to the long-term impact of the water flow, the baffle type still has the problem of fatigue, even if the flow value is calibrated in the factory, the set point drift will occur.

It is usually used where the protection flow value is not required to be precise, that is, for the sudden interruption of water flow in the pipe. There are very few designs for water source heat pump units in China.

Baffle type is specially developed for water flow monitoring of water ring/ground source heat pump air conditioning unit. It is equipped with different baffles for different pipe diameters, and the water resistance of each baffle does not exceed 0.5 meters of the water column, which is greatly reduced compared with the target type water resistance.

Flow sensor series 1

Each baffle-type flow sensor is equipped with the same pipe fittings as the water ring heat pump unit water pipe, the site only needs to be connected to the water pipe, do not need to make any changes to the baffle-type water flow switch pressure is greater than 25bar, in the water flow requirements are not high water ring heat pump unit is a low-cost water flow switch.

After the feedback used on the water ring/ground source heat pump unit, the pressure difference switch can effectively judge the water ring heat pump unit installed on the site of the water pipe problem, which can completely avoid the situation that the water flow is less caused by the heat exchanger frozen, and the flow sensor can also protect the situation that the heat exchanger frozen when the water flow is decreased due to the blockage of the water filter. In addition, the water pipe differential pressure switch does not have the risk of fatigue damage to the target flow switch.

Especially when there is a small amount of air in the water pipe, the flow sensor works very stably, and there will be no floating situation similar to the target flow switch. After years of use, the feedback has not found that the pressure differential switch itself is faulty.


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