What does a water pressure switch do?

What kind of pressure switch is needed?

The water pressure switch used as the flow control in HVAC has the characteristics of accurate flow control, no additional resistance to the water system, no requirements for the pipe diameter, and no water flow disturbance. It can replace any form of the target flow switch. Compared with the target flow switch, it can avoid the false flow caused by the pump cavitation and has a very accurate reset flow and disconnect flow.

For the measurement of water flow, by measuring the pressure drop at both ends of the valve, and orifice plate, and then by checking the valve or orifice pressure drop and flow curve can get the accurate flow, through the method of pressure drop flow, has been widely used in HVAC waterside system and flow measurement instrument.

water pressure switch

How to adjust the water pressure switch?

Water pressure switch is when the pressure in the system is higher or lower than the rated safety pressure, the disc in the sensor moves instantly, and the switch joint is connected or disconnected by connecting the guide rod. When the pressure drops to or rises to the rated recovery value, the disc is instantly reset and the switch is automatically reset, or simply when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value. The free end of the elastic element produces displacement directly or after comparison to push the switching element, change the on-off state of the switching element, and achieve the purpose of controlling the measured pressure. The elastic elements used in the pressure switch are a single-circle elastic storage pipe, diaphragm, membrane box, and bellows.

How to test the water pressure switch?

Turn on the power switch and slowly turn the pressure regulating knob clockwise. At this time, the pressure gauge may only increase a little (this is no problem), and the water will enter the air inlet of the pumping device and then drain out of the main drain pipe (the PVC pipe may bubble because there is air in the motor). Continue turning the pressure regulating knob slowly clockwise until water comes out of the ball valve, then close the ball valve.

Turn the pressure regulating knob slowly backward until the pressure gauge shows 470psi. Turn the pressure regulating knob very slowly to avoid exceeding 500psi. The gauge should hold pressure for 2 minutes to 500psi.

Water pressure sensor procurement

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