How to check washer water level switch?

Where is the water level switch for the washing machine?

The washer water level switch is a position sensor used by the machine. It is generally set when the machine is made, so it does not need to be set manually at ordinary times, so it will generally be installed in the machine shell. The main function of the automatic washing machine water level switch is to control the water level of the washing machine.

If the water level switch of the washing machine is used for too long, it is easy to cause bad contact. In fact, sometimes it can be repaired by itself. There is no need to spend money to find a repair master, and some screwdriver pliers can be done. Washing machine assembly improperly causes trauma, so be sure to choose a suitable location for the washing machine to install.

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How to replace the water level switch on the washer?

First, remove the top two screws to control the plastic, then remove the pin of the machine cover to lift the machine cover, remove the spring on the machine cover, and then turn over the whole plastic panel to let it separate from the iron shell, then remove the water level under the light of the water retaining plate, pull the water retaining plate out to let the water inlet valve from the top cover, at this time you can see the water level switch, remove the two screws fixed water level switch to the water level switch, Finally, unplug the two power plugs of the water level switch. 

If the water level switch of the washing machine is broken, it will lead to bad contact, and there is no way to clean the clothes, because there is no way to clean up the dirty water of the last wash. In fact, if you want to repair it, you can repair it yourself, open the water level switch with pliers, and then take out the rubber band inside, and replace the rubber band. At this time, the water level switch of the washing machine can return to normal.

Where can I buy a washing machine water level switch?

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