Booster pump automatic water pressure switch

The booster pump automatic water pressure switch is a kind of control pump electrical component, it can sense the change of water pressure and through the control, circuit start or stop the pump. Booster pump automatic water pressure switch is widely used in domestic water supply systems, industrial water treatment systems, and other fields.

Water pressure switch

Working principle of water pressure switch of booster pump

When the booster pump automatic water pressure switch is connected to a pump and a water source, it first measures the water pressure in the pipe. If the water pressure falls below a preset level, the switch turns on the pump and starts supplying water until the water pressure rises to the preset level, then automatically shuts down the pump and stops supplying water.

The booster pump’s automatic water pressure switch usually consists of two parts:

A sensor to measure water pressure and a control circuit. When the water pressure is lower than the preset value, the sensor detects the water pressure drop signal and sends a signal to the control circuit. After receiving the signal, the control circuit provides the start signal and outputs the electric energy to the motor. Once the water pressure reaches a set point, the sensor stops sending information to the control circuit and the pump stops supplying water.

The control circuit usually consists of several key parts:

Sensors, relays, operational amplifiers, comparators, and timers. The functions of these components are water pressure detection, switch control, and set value adjustment. The sensor is the most central part, which is responsible for converting water pressure signals into electrical signals that are then sent to other circuit components. If the sensors do not reliably reflect changes in water pressure, the whole system will be out of control. Therefore, in the design of an automatic water pressure switch, it is necessary to choose the appropriate sensor to ensure reliable detection and control.

In addition to the design of the control circuit, the appearance and mechanical structure of the booster pump automatic water pressure switch also need to be carefully designed. The appearance elements include the shell material, size, and form, and the mechanical structure elements include the connection between the sensor and the motor, waterproof performance, and seismic performance. Mechanical structures are designed to be more demanding than control circuits because they need to support the proper operation of the entire system.



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