Washing machine water level sensor

Washing machine water level sensor

With the continuous development of science and technology, sensor technology also develops. As an indispensable part of modern washing machine, liquid water level sensor has been widely used.

A liquid water level sensor is a sensor used to detect the water level in the washing machine. It mainly determines the water level height by measuring the resistance value of the liquid

Water level sensor
Liquid water level sensors usually consist of two titanium metal electrodes and an adjustable resistor. After the washing machine is filled with water, the two titanium metal electrodes of the electrode component are enclosed in water, and the resistance between the titanium metal electrodes becomes very small. The sensor detects the height of the water level by detecting these changes in resistance values through a circuit.

Liquid-level sensor plays a very important role in the washing machine. When using the traditional water rationing method, if the error is too large, it may lead to the failure to clean wastewater. Using a liquid water level sensor, the water level can be monitored and the amount of water can be accurately controlled, thus ensuring the normal operation of the washing machine and saving water.

The stability and accuracy of liquid water level sensors depend on the materials and processes designed and manufactured. When buying liquid water level sensors, attention should be paid to choosing products with reliable quality, stable performance, and reasonable prices. At the same time, for different types of washing machines, the corresponding type of liquid water level sensor should be selected to make full use of its performance and improve the utilization efficiency of water.




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