Water Flow Switch Sensitivity Adjustment Method Details

First, the working principle of the water flow switch
Water flow switch is a kind of control switch used to detect the water flow, mainly used in automatic control of water pumps, water treatment, air conditioning tanks and other systems, play a role in determining the presence or absence of water flow. Its working principle is through the water flow through the switch within the turbine or spiral piece, so that its rotation, thus driving the switch contact action, to achieve the function of automatic pump start and stop.
Second, the water flow switch sensitivity adjustment method
Water flow switch sensitivity adjustment is very important, too high or too low sensitivity may cause the pump does not work properly. The following is the method of adjusting the sensitivity of the water flow switch:
1. water flow switch sensitivity is too high, you can adjust the adjustment knob to reduce the sensitivity. Specific method is: loosen the knob with a wrench, rotate the knob in the appropriate position, so that the turbine or spiral piece can rotate smoothly, and then tighten the knob with a wrench.
2. When the sensitivity of the water flow switch is too low, the sensitivity can be improved by increasing the pressure. This is done by turning the pressure limiter to its maximum value, which will increase the sensitivity of the water flow switch as the water flow speed becomes faster.
3. Before adjusting the sensitivity, check whether the water pipe is clogged or whether the water source is sufficient. A clogged pipe or insufficient water supply can cause the water flow switch to misjudge the sensitivity adjustment, which may cause unnecessary trouble. 4.
4. If the sensitivity cannot be adjusted by adjusting the knob, increasing the pressure, etc., consider replacing the water flow switch with one that has a more appropriate sensitivity.


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