Showing you how to replace the water level switch on your washing machine

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a washing machine stop filling before the water level reaches the set level. In fact, this problem means that the water level switch in your washer is broken. Theoretically, a new water level switch would suffice.


How to change the washing machine water level switch

1. First, unscrew the two screws at the top of the water level switch with a screwdriver.

2. then remove the cover pin, lift the cover and remove the spring on the cover. Then turn the whole plastic plate over and separate it from the iron shell.

3. at this point, you can remove the baffle (7 screws) while turning on the water level, pull out the baffle and separate the water inlet valve from the top cover. At this point you can see the water level switch.

4. Remove the two screws holding the water level switch. Finally, unplug the two water level switches. The drain hose on a washing machine is usually near the bottom, so the machine should be lowered for ease of operation. There should be a hoop to lock it in place. If there is, use wire cutters to remove it. If there isn’t, use a knife to cut it off and gently activate it. Then, when you go to the new pipe, you can use a waterproof adhesive. There is no pressure when you go under the water, it just needs to be held in place a little bit.


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