What does a pneumatic switch do?

The pressure switch adopts high-precision, high-stability pressure sensor and transmission circuit, and then through the special CPU modular signal processing technology, to realize the detection, display, alarm and control signal output of medium pressure signal. Pressure switches can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water supply and other fields of various gases, liquids, gauge pressure, absolute pressure measurement and control, is the ideal intelligent measurement and control instrumentation for industrial sites. Pressure switches are widely used in aerospace and military fields, such as M1A1 tanks, Apollo spacecraft, Boeing 747, Airbus A320, F22, F117 and other products manufacturing.

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Role and principle:
When the pressure in the system is higher or lower than the rated safety pressure, the disc in the inductor instantaneously moves, pushing the switch connector on or off through the connecting guide bar, when the pressure drops to or rises to the rated recovery value, the disc instantaneously resets and the switch automatically resets, or simply put when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value, the free end of the elastic element produces a displacement, which pushes the switching element either directly or after a comparison, changing the The free end of the elastic element is displaced when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value. The elastic elements used in pressure switches are single-turn spring tubes, diaphragms, diaphragm boxes and bellows.
Operation method:
1. Method of setting the control pressure
(1) Short press (ON/OFF) the operation key, turn off the operation indicator, the pressure control system is off.
(2) Setting upper/lower control limit
Short press SET key 1 time, enter into the lower limit setting state (corresponding to the lower limit indicator light), set the value by (▲)(▼), after setting the lower limit, short press SET key to enter into the upper limit setting, the setting method is the same as above.
(3) After the setting is completed, press SET key to store the setting value into the computer chip automatically (after the parameter modification, the current parameter setting will be saved automatically if no key operation within 5 seconds).
(4) Press (ON/OFF) run key again (the corresponding run indicator light), the motor starts to work.
2. Unit switching method: short press (ON/OFF) run key, turn off run indicator, short press increase key (▲) can switch the unit between MPa, Kg/cm, PSI at will. Turn on the run indicator after setting is completed.
3. Zero clearing function: short press (ON/OFF) run key, turn off the run indicator, long press decrease key (▼) for 5 seconds to clear the current pressure value and correct the zero error. Turn on the run indicator after setting is completed. (Pressure switch must not apply pressure when using this function.)
System function mode:
Long press the SET key for 3 seconds to enter the system setting, then short press the SET key to display the following function modes in sequence.
After all function modes are set, press (ON/OFF) Run key to store the set values into the computer chip automatically.

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