How to adjust the air pressure switch of air compressor

An air compressor air pressure switch is a key component in ensuring stable and safe compressed air output. Adjusting the air pressure switch not only helps to meet specific working pressure requirements, but also protects the air compressor from potential damage caused by too high or too low pressure. Below is a detailed step-by-step procedure for adjusting the air pressure switch on your air compressor:

1. Start the air compressor and ramp up the pressure:
Turn on the air compressor to ensure that it is operating properly and to boost the pressure to the operating voltage.
2. Locate the air pressure switch adjustment knob:
Look for the air pressure switch adjustment knob on the control panel of the air compressor. This is usually a knob labeled “Adjust” or “Pressure”.
3. Understand the cut-off and start-up values:
Cut-off value: When the pressure reaches this value, the air pressure switch will cut off the compressed air output.
Start value: When the pressure drops to this value, the air pressure switch restarts the compressed air output.
4. Adjust the cut-off value:
Connect the pressure gauge to the output port of the air compressor.
Turn on the air compressor and gradually adjust the knob while observing the pressure gauge.
When the gauge indicates that the desired cut-off value is reached, stop the adjustment.
5. Adjust the start value:
Turn off the air compressor.
Keep the pressure gauge connected to the output port.
Turn the air compressor back on and gradually adjust the knob.
Observe the pressure gauge and stop adjusting when the desired start value is reached.
6. Note the direction of knob rotation:
Most knobs increase output pressure when turned clockwise and decrease output pressure when turned counterclockwise.
Follow the air compressor manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper adjustment.
7. Verify and adjust:
After completing the adjustment, turn off the air compressor and check the pressure gauge to ensure that both the cutoff and startup values are set correctly.
Repeat the above steps if further fine tuning is required.
8. Safety Precautions:
When adjusting the air pressure switch, make sure the air compressor is completely stopped to avoid accidental startup.
Use the correct tools and follow the manufacturer’s safety and operating instructions.

By following these steps, you can effectively adjust the air compressor air pressure switch to ensure a stable and safe output of compressed air. Once the adjustment is complete, make sure that the air compressor maintains the set pressure range during normal operation, and regularly check and maintain the air pressure switch to ensure that it works reliably over time.


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