Wall-hung boiler water pressure sensor applications

In a heating system, water pressure plays a crucial role and is directly related to the proper functioning of the system. For wall heaters, the operating range of the water pressure sensor is usually between 1 bar and 1.5 bar. Too high a water pressure may damage the sealing performance of the system, while too low a water pressure may lead to insufficient system flow, which in turn affects its heating effect. Therefore, accurate monitoring and control of water pressure is an indispensable part of the normal operation of wall-hung boilers.

Traditionally, the wall-hung boiler water pressure information collected mainly through the water pressure gauge and water pressure switch to realize. Water pressure gauge through the water pressure to push the spring rotating pointer, intuitively show the water pressure parameters. However, it is unable to convert the parameters into electrical signals for use by the control system. The water pressure switch is a simple switching device that automatically turns on the circuit when the water pressure reaches the set value, but its function is limited to switching control and cannot provide specific water pressure values.

With the continuous progress of sensor technology, wall-hung boiler water pressure sensor began to emerge. This sensor can accurately convert water pressure into an electrical signal, providing accurate water pressure data for the control system. Compared to traditional collection methods, water pressure sensor not only improves the accuracy of measurement, but also makes the acquisition of data more intuitive and accurate.

What’s more, the combination of water pressure sensor and wall-hung boiler control system brings more intelligent functions to the system. By monitoring the relationship between the pump current and water pressure, the control system can determine the working status of the pump in real time, and once there is a stuck pump situation, the pump can be stopped immediately to avoid damage. In addition, in conjunction with the frequency conversion pump, the control system can quickly adjust the operating status of the wall-hung boiler according to changes in heating demand, to achieve high energy efficiency. In the modular system, the water pressure sensor can also be used to determine the operating status of each unit, so that the system can be automatically adjusted and optimized according to the pressure information.

With the continuous optimization of the production process and the improvement of electronic control requirements, wall-hung boiler water pressure sensor will play an increasingly important role in the wall-hung boiler industry. In the future, we expect that this sensor can further improve performance, reduce costs, and contribute more to the intelligent and efficient operation of the heating system.


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