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Air Pressure Switch for Boiler Gas Water Heater U3

The U3 air Pressure Switch for boiler & gas water heater is the latest design type, which uses new technology to replace the leaf spring so that it will not be affected by the weather.

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Air Pressure Switch for Boiler Description


The U3 is a standard air pressure switch with a new design and technology, which is suitable for gas boilers and gas water heaters. The pressure point for ON and OFF is universal, which is 39/60Pa. So you don’t need to adjust and you can use it when you get it. Meanwhile, the design of this model has its own patent, unlike the traditional air pressure switch, it reduces the leaf spring inside, so the U3 pressure point will not be affected by the temperature.


U3 Air Flow Switch Features

  • High efficiency in production with a short delivery time, which is 14-21 days for regular orders.
  • Universal air pressure switch on the market, so you don’t need to do the custom service. You even can sell them on e-commerce platforms, like eBay or Amazon.
  • High performance and stable structure: The material is made of engineering plastics so its dilatation coefficient is totally the same as the up shell and base. Which can prevent the shape change happens when the temperature changes.
  • Latest technique design with patent design.

U3 Air Pressure Switch for Boiler Specification


Model Number U3 Air Pressure Switch for Boiler
Pressure Range 30pa ~ 80pa
Working Medium Air or Tail gas
Terminal Types Standard 187 Quick Connect (4.8*0.8mm)
Tube Interface 6.3 outer diameter which is suitable for the 5mm inner diameter tube
Circuit SPST-NO
Rating 1(0.5)A 125/250VAC
Withstand Voltage 2000Pa(0.5Psi)
Electrical Life 100000 cycles
Working Temperature -40 to +110℃

Apart from the negative pressure, we also can produce the positive pressure switch. For more product information, please go to visit our product page to check, we are a professional manufacturer supplier in pressure and flow control.

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