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A53G Negative Gas Boiler Air Pressure Switch SPDT 50 – 300Pa

A53G SPDT Air Pressure Switch

A53G gas boiler air pressure switch is a negative type switch that has 3 187# terminals with a customizable pressure range for use in a boiler, water heater, commercial air conditioner, or other VAV systems.

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Gas Boiler Air Pressure Switch Description

The A53G gas boiler air pressure switch has 2 differential pressure air tubes, one is high pressure and the other one is low pressure. You can customize it according to your requirement and we also have the universal water heater pressure switch, please contact us if you to see more.

The A5 series is a new design type that uses the leaf spring to replace the traditional spring construction. This kind of new design can eliminate the effect of temperature so that these air pressure switches have higher precision and reliable performance than the traditional types. We also got the letters patent for it.

Meanwhile, this series of switches are totally sealed, which can resist water and dust. So, it is especially suitable for a hostile environment that is wet and dusty because it can work well for a long time. Welcome to test our samples. Besides, this model is the SPDT but the SPST-NO or SPST-NC is available from us. Please go to our product page to see more air pressure switches information and get the quotation.

A53G Air Pressure Switch Selection

A53 pressure switch type selection

A53G Air Pressure Switch Application

Generally, it not only can be used in gas boilers but also can be used in water heaters, conditioner filter systems, other VAV systems, and so on. For more about our flow & pressure product application, please click the link to see.

Gas Boiler Air Pressure Switch Specification

Model Number A53G Negative Gas Boiler Air Pressure Switch
Working Medium Air or Tail gas
Terminal Types Standard 187 Quick Connect (4.8*0.5mm)
Tube Interface 6.3 outer diameter which is suitable for the 5mm inner diameter tube
Circuit SPDT
Rating 0.2A  30VDC
Withstand Voltage 3000Pa(0.5Psi)
Electrical Life 25000000 cycles
Gas recovery outlet Negative double outlet (L&H)
Working Temperature -40 to +120℃
Accuracy ±5Pa

Apart from the negative pressure, we also can produce the positive pressure switch. For more product information, please go to visit our product page to check, we are a professional manufacturer supplier in pressure and flow control.

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