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Air Flow Pressure switch 1(0.5)A 125/250VAC NO

A72 is the latest upgrade air flow pressure switch which belongs to the leaf spring type. So, it has a major diameter diaphragm (70mm), which can increase the volume of the cavity to increase its working stability.

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Air Flow Pressure switch


The A72 is a new upgrade leaf-spring-type air flow pressure switch, which has a big diameter diaphragm (70mm). And this diaphragm can increase the volume of the cavity to increase its working stability. It can detect the Air flow and air pressure with an accurate value, which is widely used in wall-hanging boilers, as well as the application scenarios needed to test the air pressure and flow. Like the commercial air conditioning filtration system, VAV system, and so on.


A72 Air Flow Switch Features

  • Stable performance & reliable structure: it has a big cavity inside, so the air will not be easily affected. The structure is followed the A5 pressure switch, which is classic & reliable.
  • Wide working temperature range, so it can work no matter in summer or winter.
  • Customizable air pressure for setting on and off and we can produce these values according to your requirement or application.
  • Long life: the electrical life is 250000 cycles in its rating.
  • Besides, if all our product can not meet your requirement, we also can do the OEM and ODM service for you. Welcome to contact us for more details.

A72 Air Flow Pressure switch Specification


Model Number A72 Air Flow Switch
Working Medium Air or Tail gas
Terminal Types Standard 187 Quick Connect (4.8*0.8mm)
Tube Interface 6.3 outer diameter which is suitable for the 5mm inner diameter tube
Circuit SPST-NO
Rating 1(0.5)A 125/250VAC
Withstand Voltage 3000Pa(0.5Psi)
Electrical Life 25000000 cycles
Working Temperature -40 to +110℃

Apart from the negative pressure, we also can produce the positive pressure switch. For more product information, please go to visit our product page to check, we are a professional manufacturer supplier in pressure and flow control.

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