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Negative Air Pressure Sensor Low Pressure Range 20 -80Pa

The C7 negative air pressure sensor has a wide applications in gas boilers, water heaters, air conditioning heating devices, etc. Welcome to contact us to get the quote and sample.

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Negative Air Pressure Sensor

C7 negative air pressure sensor can simultaneously measure many water board levels and any position in a specific pressure range. It can contact a digital monitor to show the pressure value, and the signal output is done through the L/C oscillation principle to convert it into a square wave signal.

The pressure sensor is the perfect updated vision of the pressure switch, which has a longer service life and more water level detection. So, the negative air pressure sensor will be used for the gas water heater and boiler and the large ventilation heating air control system. Generally, the detect pressure range is from 20 Pa to 80 Pa, which is the low-pressure type but as a pressure sensor company; we accept the OEM service. Welcome to discuss the customized project with us.

Meanwhile, whether the pressure sensor or the pressure switch also has a negative and positive type, please send an inquiry to us to know more.  All in all, Regal pressure and sensor products are high quality and reliable with fast delivery time.


Differential Negative Air Pressure Sensor Specification

Model Number C7
Working Medium Air or Gas tail gas
Withstand Pressure 2000Pa Max. (Pa to Psi)
Sensor Accuracy ±2%(Hz)
Dielectric Strength 500VAC (<3mA)
Rated Voltage DC4.75V – DC5.25V
Rated Current 5mA
Low-Duty-Cycle 50%
Working Temperature 40T90 (-40 to 90℃)
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