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A2 Negative Pressure Switch 12 Volt 24VDC Single Port

A2 Pressure Switches,Gas water heater pressure switch

A2 is a negative pressure switch designed for the gas water heater with the latest patented technology, which can achieve good contact performance in a small space.

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Negative Pressure Switch

The A2 pressure switch is an economical water heater air pressure switch product that adopts a classic and innovative shrapnel structure to achieve the characteristics of a small structure and large contact force, ensuring product contact reliability.
The A2 pressure switch has a compact structure and simple appearance. The cavity volume design allows sufficient air pressure changes to be efficiently converted into switch contact force.
The A2 series is a single port normally-open (NO) circuit negative pressure switch, which is a new design with new technology & affordable price. It has a good contact performance in such a small cavity.


A2 Air Pressure Switch Features

  • It has a high accuracy for pressure testing and switching, which is ±3Pa.
  • Simple and beautiful appearance, easy installation.
  • Meanwhile, it has a wide operating temperature range from –40 to +110℃, so you can use it no matter in summer or winter.
  • The set ON & OFF point can be customized, we can set the point according to your requirement in the production process.
  • It is perfect for gas boilers and gas water heaters.


Negative Pressure Switch Specification

Model Number A2 Negative Air Pressure Switch
Working Medium Air or Tail gas
Terminal Types Standard 187 Quick Connect (4.8*0.5mm)
Tube Interface 6.3 outer diameter which is suitable for the 5mm inner diameter tube
Circuit SPST-NO
Rating 0.1A  24VDC
Withstand Voltage 3000Pa(0.5Psi)
Electrical Life 25000000 cycles
Working Temperature -40 to +110℃
Accuracy ±3Pa

Apart from the negative pressure, we also can produce the positive pressure switch. For more product information, please go to visit our product page to check, we are a professional manufacturer supplier in pressure and flow control.

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