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Dishwasher Water Level Sensor 72mA 5VDC

C4-A water level sensor is mainly used in the washing machine market which needs multiple water level selections, widely used in washing machines and dishwashers, used to detect the level of water.

Water Level Sensor

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C4-A Washer Water Level Sensor

This fully automatic wave washer water level sensor is mainly used in the washing machine market where multiple water levels are needed. The C4-A water level sensor is specially designed for applications where precise tolerances are still required over a wide temperature range. Meanwhile, our C4-A water level sensor is used not only in washing machines but also in dishwashers to detect water levels.

 A water level sensor it uses the air pressure generated in the process of water level rise to transmit the water level signal. When the washing machine controller receives the signal, it will start to calculate, and then issue the working order to the water electric valve according to the calculated data. This part is very important for the washing machine. If this part is damaged, it will appear inaccurate water injection or not work.

Water Pressure Switch Dishwasher Main Parameters

The water level sensor acts as a pressure switch. When you set a pressure value, water is injected to produce water pressure, and when the pressure value is reached, electricity is automatically applied. Reach the switch function washing machine water level switch is divided into electronic (adjustable resistance) and switch type two, they are through the water level rise produced by the air pressure through the pipeline to the sensor to change the resistance or the internal switch on to make the computer action, it will be damaged after water injection is not allowed, long water injection does not move (operation), Drain the water without draining it (this is rare because the sensor is out of position). During maintenance, attention should be paid to checking whether the pipeline is broken, whether the seal is good at both ends, and whether the sensor is leaky. When checking the sensor, the air can be blown into the air by the mouth from the air inlet at the same time, and whether the resistance value at both ends of the sensor is changed or whether the switch is connected. The screw above the switch-type sensor is used to adjust the level of water injection.


C4-A Water Level Pressure Sensor Specification

Model Number C4-A Water Level Pressure Sensor
Voltage DC5V±2%
Tolerance of water level Min. +/-5   mmWC, Standard+/-10 mmWC
Water level range/frequency 0~325 mmWC / 26~21.4 (kHz)
Allowed Pressure Max. 760   mmWC
Working Temperature 0~50°C (T50)
Ambient Humidity 95% relative humidity Max.
Allowed Current 72 mA Max.
Interface size Outer diameter: 5.5mm
Working medium Air
Installation direction The diaphragm is installed in a horizontal plane, and the pressure interface is below
Diaphragm Silicone
Shell Material PP+GF, UL94 V-2
Coil former PA66+GF, GWIT>650°C
Service Life 50000cyclses
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