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Liquid Water Level Sensor for Washing Machine

Water Level Sensor for Washing Machine

We are the liquid water level sensor manufacturer in China, the C2-C is one of them and it can detect the level of the water. Which is suitable for different kinds of washing machines and dishwashers.

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Water Level Sensor for Washing Machine Features


  • The C2-C is a water level sensor for washing machines, which can control multi-water levels.
  • It is designed for the high-precision need when the washer is in a wide range temperature environment. So, our level sensor still can work well and stay at a stable water level no matter in summer or winter.
  • Meanwhile, the C2 series sensors are tight & high-quality construction. Its shell material has UL94 V-2 fireproofing grade so that it can reduce some safety problems when used.
  • People can install it easily and no need to change the switch size, universal & convenient.
  • Besides, it has wide use in automatic wave washing machines, drum washing machines, dishwashers, and so on.

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C2-C Level Sensor Specification

Model Number C2-C Water Level Sensor
Voltage DC5V±2%
Tolerance of water level Min. +/-5   mmWC, Standard+/-10 mmWC
Water level range/frequency 0~130 mmWC / 42.3~39.6 (kHz)
Allowed Pressure Max. 760   mmWC
Working Temperature 0~50°C (T50)
Ambient Humidity 95% relative humidity Max.
Allowed Current 72 mA Max.
Interface size Outer diameter: 5.5mm
Working medium Air
Installation direction The diaphragm is installed in a horizontal plane, and the pressure interface is below
Diaphragm Silicone
Shell Material PP+GF, UL94 V-2
Coil former PA66+GF, GWIT>650°C
Service Life 50000cyclses
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