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Flow Sensor On Boiler Double Head Fast Interface 5VDC

The F24 flow sensor on boiler has high reliability, is not affected by external power, or lightning resistance, widely used in wall-hanging furnaces, water heater,s and drinking water.

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F24 Flow Sensor On Boiler Brief Introduction

The REGAL F24 flow sensor on boiler adopts the principle of a spiral flow cylinder. When the liquid flow passes through the guide cylinder, the direct current becomes an eddy current. The speed of the magnetic rotor placed in the guide cylinder is proportional to the flow speed. The working principle of the boiler flow sensor is designed according to the spiral tube principle, and this design can improve accuracy and low pressure. It has good performance in went-mounted boilers, water heaters, water dispensers, and other equipment. However, different products have different designs and requirements for flow sensors. Such as connection mode, cable length, pressure requirements, etc.

The flow sensor on boiler is small in size, light in weight, intuitive, and clear in display reading. With high quality and precision. If connected to a Hall element, no additional screws need to be installed. The element and sensor will form a closed cavity so that no cracking situation will occur. In addition, the flow sensor has good electromagnetic compatibility.

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Flow Rate Sensor Specification

Model Number F24 Flow Rate Sensor
Terminal Type 3-pin standard connector & wire (standard 150mm  and it also can be customizable)
Interface type 2*G1/2
Operating flow interval 1 L/Min to 30 L/Min
Dielectric Strength 500VAC(<3mA)
Operating Voltage DC 4.75V to DC 5.25V
Operating Current 15mA

Low Output Duty Cycle

Overload Pressure 12Bar (@40℃)
Working Temperature -15 to 85℃
Service life with loading 200000 cycles
Protection Level IP20
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