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Hot Water Flow Sensor For Gas Boiler Heater Water Dispenser F22

REGAL F22 hot water flow sensor is suitable for gas boilers, water heaters, and water dispensers, which belong to the straight barrel turbine type and it has a G1/2 screw thread and a quickly connected interface for connection.

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Hot Water Flow Sensor Description

Our hot water flow sensor has a wide working application in home appliances such as the water heater, water dispensers, and gas boilers. Which is high quality and has good accuracy about water flow rate as well as our own letters patent. As a professional flow sensor manufacturer, we not only can manufacture and develop our own patented products but also can provide OEM & ODM service for you. We warmly welcome you to contact us and discuss the business.

Meanwhile, the F2 series flow sensors are designed with the spiral diversion principle and belong to the straight barrel turbine type, which is high-quality and reliable, its precision is +/-10% and its shell material is made of PA66 & 30%GF and its turbine is made of POM. It can convert the flow rotational speed into the SWFM output so that you see it on the monitor.

Besides, the F2 series also has many different types of flow sensors for your options, like the Straight barrel, turbine, sealed type, and so on. Welcome to contact us to get more details.


Hot Water Flow Sensor Specification

Model Number F22 Hot Water Flow Sensor
Accuracy +/-10% for water medium
Interface type 1*G1/2screw thread and 1*quickly connected interface
Operating flow interval 2 – 30 L/Min
Working Temperature -15 to 85℃
Operating Voltage DC 4.75V to DC 5.25V
Signal Output 5V square wave(50% duty cycle)

Low Output Duty Cycle

Electrical connection 3P standard connector
Flow characteristic F=8.1Q-3 (it can be customized according to your requirements)
Service life with loading 200000 cycles
Protection Level IP20
Connection Type double straight insert
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