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F13 Flow Sensor Turbine Dual Head Connector 200,000 Cycle Life

F13 belongs to the flow sensor turbine type which is designed by the Karman vortex principle. It is widely used in gas boilers, water heaters, water dispensers, washing machines, and dishwashers.

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Flow Sensor Turbine Feature

The F13 is a flow sensor turbine type and the hall sensor can detect the speed and change it into the square wave frequency so you can use the oscilloscope to read the value. This kind of flow sensor has a high-precision output and works stably as well as the sensor cost is not expensive.  And the electromagnetic compatibility

Meanwhile, it requires a very low working voltage that is from 4.75 VDC to 5.25 VDC so that it will be safe for the operator. Its working temperature is from -15 to 85 ℃, which is a wide range. As well as this flow sensor has a long working life which is more than 200,000 hours.

Besides, the F1 series also has the F11, F12, and F13 sensors for your options, which are dependent on your installation requirement because the port for connection is different. For example, the F11 has 2*G1/2, the G12 has 1*G/12 & 1*quickly connect, and the G13 has 2* quickly connect. Welcome to contact us to get more details.

What’s more, as a professional supplier, we not only supply different kinds of flow sensors but also supply air pressure switches & sensors, water pressure level switches & sensors, and safety valves, etc.



Flow Sensor Turbine Specification

Model Number F13 Flow Sensor
Terminal Type 3-pin standard connector & wire (standard 150mm  and it also can be customizable)
Interface type 1*G1/2 & 1*quickly contact connector
Operating flow interval 1 L/Min to 30 L/Min
Dielectric Strength 500VAC(<3mA)
Operating Voltage DC 4.75V to DC 5.25V
Operating Current 15mA

Low Output Duty Cycle

Overload Pressure 12Bar (@40℃)
Working Temperature -15 to 85℃
Service life with loading 200000 cycles
Protection Level IP20
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