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Sensor Flow Switch 5 VDC Suitable For Water Heater

The F23 is a flow sensor, straight through turbine type, for a wide range of wall-mounted furnaces and water heaters. professional service, 10 years factory.


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Sensor Flow Switch Description

The F23 sensor flow switches flow sensor is also a straight-through turbine-type sensor, which adopts the principle of a spiral flow guide cylinder. When liquid flows through the flow guide cylinder, DC becomes an eddy current. The speed of the magnetic rotor placed in the flow guide cylinder is proportional to the velocity. Hall sensors are installed on the circuit board since the rotation speed and transmit the square wave frequency through the circuit. The hall element and the cavity are packaged as a whole, without screws to avoid cracking. This product is suitable for use in wall-mounted furnaces, water heaters, and drinking water systems.

F23 sensor flow switches flow sensor is characterized by a fast interface mode, working flow range of 1.0L/Min to 30LMin, high quality, high precision products, good electromagnetic compatibility, wide pressure loss, and excellent sealing performance.

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Flow Rate Sensor Specification

Model Number F23 Flow Rate Sensor
Terminal Type 3-pin standard connector & wire (standard 150mm  and it also can be customizable)
Interface type 2*G1/2
Operating flow interval 1 L/Min to 30 L/Min
Dielectric Strength 500VAC(<3mA)
Operating Voltage DC 4.75V to DC 5.25V
Operating Current 15mA

Low Output Duty Cycle

Overload Pressure 12Bar (@40℃)
Working Temperature -15 to 85℃
Service life with loading 200000 cycles
Protection Level IP20
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