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Flow Sensor Water Heater G1/2 Threaded Interface

The F33 flow sensor water heater switch uses the Karman vortex trajectory principle, which gives it good performance in humid environments. Suitable for boiler and water heater.

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F33 Flow Sensor Water Heater Switch Description

The F33 flow sensor water heater switch can detect the flow rotational speed and output the SWFM through the Hall sensor from the circuit board. It also has a wide working flow range that is from 1.0L/Min to 30.0L/Min. Water heater flow sensor temperature, pressure, and density they are important parameters to choose the sensor to provide, especially in the working condition of the parameters, for the gas flow should also understand whether its volume flow is the working state or the standard state.

The flow sensor water heater can design the flapper according to the size of the water flow, reduce the water resistance generated by the flow sensor, and reduce the pressure loss of the water system, but because the flapper type is still affected by the water flow for a long time, there is still the problem of fatigue, even if the flow value is calibrated in the factory, the set point drift will occur.

F33 flow sensor water heater switch has 2*quick connectors. Welcome to contact us to get the other senor’s information.

If you need to check more types of flow sensors, please click the link to check. Generally, the water heaters & boilers not only need the flow sensor switches but also need the air pressure switches and relief valves as well, which are also available from REGAL.

Flow Sensor Switch Specification

Model Number F33 Flow Sensor Switch
Terminal Type 3-pin standard connector & wire (standard 150mm  and it also can be customizable)
Interface type 2*G1/2
Operating flow interval 1 L/Min to 30 L/Min
Dielectric Strength 500VAC(<3mA)
Operating Voltage DC 4.75V to DC 5.25V
Operating Current 15mA

Low Output Duty Cycle

Overload Pressure 12Bar (@40℃)
Working Temperature -15 to 85℃
Service life with loading 200000 cycles
Protection Level IP20
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